Uranya's Homemade DIY Electrosex for males and females

Uranya's Homemade DIY Electrosex for males and females

Hi friends,
what do you think about an electrosex device using simply a PC?
What is a such device? It is a wonderful way to get laid! Much more stimulating that what normal sex can give you! You HAVE to try it!

Are years that I experiment it. All we need is a PC with an audio output and a good amplifier.
Normally the amplifier is connected to speakers, but we can also connect to metal electrodes using a line transformer ;)

Want to start? Let’s do this special journey!

All you need is:

GET THE ELECTRODES (Only for females):

You can obtain electrodes from many sites, such as one of this (click the image to find the item), just adapt wires to correctly connect to the amp, as always, it is better to connect the poles of the same electrode to different channels, to elongate the path (and gain more pleasure).


Do a 2 mm diameter hole on all your rings using tungsten carbide tip using your drill.
Cut the electric cable in 5 equal pieces, about 60 cm (2 feet) long.

Cut one of the five pieces into two equal 1 feet long pieces, to connect the power supply to the amplifier (do also a little bridge from "+" to "remote" to let it always ON, if present).
Connect the jack male to RCA cable to your computer using the speaker output connector and the male RCA connectors to the amplifier.

Weld the rings to the cables doing a loop with the wire,
than weld the cable terminals to the RCA connectors, using these directions:
The 40 mm ring is welded to negative pole using the black connector (the first in photo)
The 35 mm ring is welded to positive pole using the red connector (the third in photo)
The latest two electrodes have to be one positive (the second in photo) and one negative, the 3D printed electrode have to be welded on the negative pole using a black connector (the last in photo is a V3 version of my special electrode).

Note that I have also used two female to female adaptors because I have a males RCA cable from the amplifier.

To obtain the best stimulation I have also designed a special penis electrode that covers the glans.
It is a 3D printed stainless steel electrode that I have published on Shapeways, it is available in two models, and several materials, but I recommend the Aluminum one due to its rust resistance, lightweight, and better conductivity properties.
It ROCKS because more than triplicates the stimulation! You can purchase it from my shop.
(Note that I have renounced to markup from Shapeways because this is an Heaven's Gift, and everyone deserves it!).

New: Comparison sizes table, to choose the one that fits you!

After appling a water based lube to optimize the conductivity, insert the 40 mm ring (the one with black flag) at the base of your genitals, the 35 mm ring (white flag) around your testicles, the positive 32 mm ring (red flag) on your penis shaft (better on foreskin) and the negative 32 mm ring just in touch with your corona (but I warmly advice you to use my special 3D printed penis electrode).

The audio channels are 2, on the first one I have connected both the 40 mm negative ring and the 32 mm positive one (black and red flag); on the second both the 35 mm positive ring and the 32 mm negative one or the special electrode, as you see from the photo (white, and white and yellow flags).
Obviously this is my preferred setup, but feel free to experiment!

Note: Saying positive and negative is simpler to configure than saying line and neutral, cause the output is of alternated current, such as any amplifier has.

From the following photo you can view the final setup:


Please connect the wires that came from the amplifier at the Speco 7010 line transformers 8 Ohm connectors using the following scheme. This completely insulates the electrodes, protects the amplifier in case of short circuit and matches the skin impedance. Connect the wires that go to the positive electrodes preferably using orange (2.5 W) wires, the negatives at the black ones, but you can go up in wattage preferably on your skin resistance (blue or red).

Create a BOX that contains both the pairs resistor/transformers for the two channels with the RCA connectors, and my result is as following: (the switch changes the exit from the transformers, so I was able to choose the best exit power, for me is the orange one). A great thank you to the users at Socialstim forum for schematics.

IMPORTANT: After several tries, I have found that's better for me to avoid the safety box at all. The stimulation without it is SO better, very intense and directed. But beware, we are the only responsible about taking the risk. I have realized that using a very good insulated power supply and amplifier is enough.
Play at your own risk, I accept no responsibility.

GET THE WAVES! (For both sexes) (:

Now you are ready, you only need the sound waves. Don’t worry, I have some mp3s (20 tunes) that will do the job!
You can download them from here: ES mp3 tones (181 MB).

But, if you are an experienced sound-creator you can use a wave generator program such as Adobe Audition V3 (the latest versions don’t have the sound generator anymore). I have created some very special waves presets that you can download here in an Excel file: Waves Sheet, and here there are instructions to import all presets at one time: Import ALL.

Start the session with volume at 0 and then increase it gradually using your PC control panel, I also have put the hardware gain amplifier selector to 50%.

TIP: Use Teamviewer program to control your PC lying on bed with a smartphone or (better) a tablet.

What can I say anymore? Enjoy this novelty of sex stimulation! You will thank me for this discovery, for SURE!
And if you have questions feel free to contact me on uranya7x(at)tiscali.it or through the Shapeways message system.


DISCLAIMER: Electric stimulation is NOT intended to be used by anyone who wears a heart pacemaker or defibrillator, or by a person with any cardiac desease.
If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy or have been told you are pregnant you should never use any electric stimulation device.
It should never be applied around the heart, head or neck. Use the informations in this page at YOUR OWN RISK.
I do not accept any responsibility for an incorrect use of them.

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